"I live in Los Angeles . Yet whenever I’ve needed construction work, including structural, foundation and heaving building, I’ve hired David Blackhurst from Bakersfield . It’s been worth the travel cost premium to have the work consistently done to the highest standards -- and without any of the problems often encountered with builders. David is a man of his word who does great work."
-Joshua Dimondstein, Los Angeles

"Last year, my husband and I finally made the decision to build an additional living space on our property.  There were several factors that we considered.  We wanted something that would add value to our home and would compliment our love of entertaining family and friends.   Looking ahead, we also wanted to create a space that could someday be used as a mother-in-law quarters, which we knew would enhance the re-sale value of our home in the future.

We asked various people for recommendations and referrals and one name kept appearing, West Coast Constructors.   We met with David and right away we realized that he listened to us and he understood our vision.  He was able to offer creative ideas, and give us innovation without sacrificing traditional style and quality.

David was easy to communicate with, and was always professional both in his dealings with us, his clients, but also with any sub-contractors and inspectors.  His attention to detail is unmatched.  We love our new addition and the compliments we continue to receive are just the icing on the cake.  He created a space that is a true reflection of our personality and style and we are pleased to give our unqualified endorsement of David Blackhurst and of West Coast Constructors."
-Cathee Romley, Bakersfield

My wife and I were looking to do a major remodel on our home. We have never been through any type of remodel before nor have nay type of knowledge with building construction. Out home was 2800 sq ft and we were looking at tearing down 3/4 of it and rebuilding it from the ground up. We  added a large 2 car garage, an office, a bedroom, a laundry room, a bathtroom, a large living room, a large kitchen with dining area, a new entry way into our home, a driveway, and a walkway to the front door. We chose two building contractors from the phone book and we received a recomendation from an interior designer for the the third contractor, who turned out to be West Coast Constructors, David Blakhurst (owner). After we had the blueprints drawn up we interviewed all three of the building contractors. David was the one that stood out to us. He provided us with t a long list of clients he has done work for. We investigated David thoroughly, calling his previous clients, and visiting the jobsites to see his woorkmanshiup. The price of his contract for the remodel was reasonable also. He had all the insurance and bonds to do business.

I am a landscaping contractor myself and I know that the type of work that you do and how you treat the public is what gives you a good name. Every single one of David's clients that we interviewed had nothing but positive things to say about David. We were still unsure because we thought maybe this was too good to be true. Just by chance, on a visit to our CPA, we were mentioning to him about doing this remodel for our home. He mentioned that West Coast Constructors, David Blackhurst, remodeled his home and he couldn't have been happier. From that point forward, we called David and gave him the approval to start our remodel.

One of the many things we appreciated was that David was very conscious of making our lives as comfortable as possible in the midst of this major remodel. He was considerate and very observant through the demolition work of keeping things clean each day after he left. We never had construction debris left over and piling up in our yard. Everything was incredibly well orchestrated and timed when the foundation was going to be poured, when the framing was going to start, when the electrical and dry wall was going to begin.  All his sub-contractors he used were just as considerate as he was. Throughout all of this, David always informed us in advance of what was going to take place and what to expect.

During our remodel we found out that the unexpected occurs sometimes. Pre-existing problems with our home exposed themselves. Instead of this causing stress, David would advise us of the options we had and let us make the decision.

During the whole remodel, he was consistent with being on time every morning. There was never an issue of wondering when he was going to come to work or if he was going to show. He gained our trust over time during this remodel. So much so that we would leave our entire house completely open to him and he would lock everything up. We even went on a week vacation and left him here with our home to do his job without any worries on our end. Trust is a big issue with us. We know we can trust David!

When there is any type of work we need to have done on our home in the future, there is no doubt we will use David Blackhurst.
-Aaron & Lisa Rodriguez